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The city of Townsville!

A wonderful, peaceful little town to live in. Where on sunny days, families can be found outside in the park. Or on rainy days, found inside playing frustrating board games with one another in merriment. Where young children can get help with their homework from their parents. Or sometimes even the other way around when tax season comes along. Even where the toughest of criminals receive aid and companionship from their cellmates and neighbors.

Yes, here in Townsville, the bonds between families members and friends couldn't be stronger. And there's no better example of this fact, than the bond between our heroes, The Powerpuff Girls and their beloved Professor Utonium. Why, even now, the girls are busy making the Professor some lunch while he's in his lab!

"Alright, the fruit salad's done!" said Blossom, the leader, who was adding a final touch of whipped cream to her creation. "Buttercup! How's the omelet coming along?"

"The omelet's all ready, already! But the stupid salt isn't coming out!" The frustrated green Powerpuff continued to viciously shake the salt shaker, nearly having to resort to simply breaking it in half.

Bubbles, who finished making the Professor's coffee a while ago, floated over to her enraged sister to see what was the problem. She blinked a few times. " do know that the lid is still on right?"

Freezing instantly, Buttercup glared at the lid that was indeed, still on the shaker, before taking it off and melting it with her heat vision. "I knew that.." she mumbled as a large amount of salt fell on top of the breakfast dish.

"No, no, no!" Blossom cried while dashing over, not hearing the previous conversation. "Too much salt, Buttercup! We can't have the Professor getting high blood pressure!"

Inhaling what was meant to be a small gasp of air, the pink Powerpuff exhaled a huge gust of wind, blowing not only the salt, but also the whole plate and both her sisters into (and through) the kitchen wall. Covering her mouth, Blossom flew over to help them out of the wall's ruble. Buttercup was a bit dizzy, but fine none the less, but Bubbles was crying trying to get the large amount of salt off her face.

"It's in my EYES!" she cried miserably.

"I'm sorry!"

As Blossom did a broke record of apologizes, Buttercup dashed over to the kitchen's sink, and splashed a bowl full of water into the blonde's face. Calming down slowly but surely, Bubbles realized she was sitting on top the very splattered cheese omelet.

After a moment a silence, the trio burst into laughter.

After making yet another omelet (With the correct amount of salt on it; courtesy of Blossom), a quick change of clothes for Bubbles, and a very fast repair for the kitchen wall, the three girls entered the laboratory with smiling faces.

"Professor!" they all sang in tune. "We brought you lunch!"

Turning away from his work desk, the Professor dusted off his white lab coat and smiled back to his daughters. "Aw, girls, you didn't have to go out of your way to make lunch for me! It's Sunday! You should be playing! I can take care of myself you know."

"We know you can Professor," said Blossom, who along with the others, hugged their father. "But you've been working so hard today on...whatever is you're we wanted to help you out!"

"Yeah!" Bubbles chirped. "We love you!"

"And apparently, loving someone involves making them lunch on a Sunday." Buttercup finished.

"Aw, you girls are the best." The happy family continued their hug until he started jumping up in down in excitement. "Now, who wants to see what I've been working on all this morning?"

"OH! OH! I DO! I DO!" the three screamed with excitement, trying to peek over his shoulder to see his invention.

"OKAY! BEHOLD!" he screamed back revealing it to them.

Their excited faces disappeared and turned into a confused expression. "Um...Professor I think they already invented a Telephone book."

Wincing as he lifted the heavy book, he showed them the cover which had his face on it. "It's not a telephone book! It's my autobiography of being a Professor!"

Bubbles floated closer to examine the book. "What's that mean?"

"It means he wrote his life in book form pretty much." Blossom explained.

"Yeah! Isn't it cool?"

"Not really. Making your life a book doesn't make you any cooler, it just means that your life is so bland it can be put onto paper." Buttercup turned and started to float back upstairs with her sisters.

Pouting a bit, Professor Utonium began to flip the massive book's pages. "But it's got everything about my creations in here! My first volcano, the first computer I fixed and improved, how I created you, making the Powerpuff Dy.Na.Mo-"

"WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!" A pink streak of light appeared in front of him, and with much speed, Blossom flipped several hundred pages back. "THERE IT IS! PROFESSOR! You can't just go putting in how you created The Powerpuff Girls in a book!'

"Well, why not? You are my best creations after all-"

"THAT'S JUST IT!" Now blue and green streaks of light came over, with Bubbles shaking the book around. "One time, you told Mojo about our creation over the phone, and he ended up making The Rowdyruff Boys!"

"Which we destroyed once, but are now here forever, thanks to HIM and his stupid cootie shot!" Blossom added, while flying around frantically. "Then there was the time that Dick Hardly found out, and made the awful Powerpuff Girls Xtreme!"

Buttercup grabbed the book and shoved it in the Professor's face. "If this went public worldwide, then ANYONE could make a Powerpuff! Everywhere you go, cheap, rip off versions of us would be flying all around the place, again! IT'S NOT COOL AT ALL!"

Pushing the paper out of his face and taking the book from Buttercup, the Professor began to rewrite the section of the book. "You girls are right! What was I thinking!" he yelled frantically, ripping out the pages explaining the girls' creation, and throwing them in the trash. "I'll just keep it secret and confidential then. Honestly, three of you little angels and three of the Rowdyruff devils are all that Townsville- heck, all the world can take!"

"That's right." Blossom concluded. "We don't need any more." Her face turned quite sad and turned to her sisters. "And to be honest, we really don't want another Bunny incident..." The trio hung their heads at the memory of the fourth Powerpuff, who was too unstable to last.

The Professor quirked an eyebrow. "Bunny? Like one of Bubbles' animals?"

"It's nothing Professor." Buttercup said, as they floated upstairs to try and enjoy the rest of their Sunday.

He shrugged his shoulders and continued to rewrite.

"BOOMER! Haven't you finished making our dinner yet? I'm starving, man!"

A very frustrated Boomer glared at his brothers, who were watching T.V while he was attempting to cook a pizza. He growled, brushed his flour coated bangs out of his face, and tried to throw a piece of pepperoni at the yelling leader, Brick. This proved to be a difficult task seeing as they were at HIM's house, meaning the rooms were all different floating pieces of land.

Butch saw this attempt, and laughed manically at the blond with his gruff voice. "Ha ha, nice try loser!"

Aggravation growing, Boomer kicked the oven, only to have flames come out of it, trying to burn him. Looking inside the devilish kitchen appliance, his blue eyes widened with joy and a small smile came across his face. "Dinner's ready!"

Within seconds, dark red and green streaks dashed to the floating kitchen table to the right. "FOOD! FOOD! FOOD!" the boys chanted to the blue Rowdyruff, as he placed a slightly burned, but still edible, pizza down.

The three young boys rushed to grab their own special thirds of the dinner dish and began stuffing them down. Each third was specified to their tastes; Brick liked his with lots of meat and cheese, Boomer enjoyed the blend of pineapple with ham, while Butch had every single spicy pepper you can get on his slices, receiving much pleasure with burning his mouth.

"So," Brick said between mouthfuls of bacon and ham. "Didn't ya make anything for HIM?"

Slurping down soda, Boomer shrugged. "Does he even eat?"

"Heck if I know, man." He ducked from the flames coming out of Butch, who was laughing more than ever. "But you know, he's weird, and sensitive and stuff. Wants us to treat him like a "dad" ya know?"

This was a true fact. Even if they didn't like to say it, they did technically have two dads who treat them very well, and also fight over them all the time. But because of the possessive natures of Mojo and HIM, The Rowdyruff Boys ended up being "Captured" and taken to the other parents' hideout every week. It was HIM's week, but when they leave to go wreck havoc tomorrow, they'll be with the evil monkey by sundown, much to the Devil's anger.


Speak of the Devil...

The red being of evil stepped out of closed off room-island and looked down at the trio. "Were you eating dinner without me again?"

Brick groaned. "I guess we were. But that's only cause Boomer didn't have enough brains to make enough pizza for ya!"

"Hey, don't put this on me, dude! How would I know what the devil would want on his stupid pizza?" As the blond said this, Butch was glancing over his extremely spicy slice, before setting it down and guzzled down soda, to avoid getting into the conversation.

"Oh never mind, it doesn't matter anyway." HIM said, as he floated down to the table with a sinister smile on his face. The boys looked at each other in bewilderment. Nothing? He'd normally had a fit about it! "By the way boys, could you do a little, teensy weensy favour for me?"

"Uh..." Brick wiped a smug of tomato sauce off of Butch's forehead. "Sure, what's up?"

"Could do you...possibly tell me just exactly you were made with in the precise order that they were used?" Eyes twitching at how fast the effeminate villain was speaking, the question eventually sunk in.


"And snails!"

"And puppy dog-" Boomer and Butch were cut off by their leader's hands over their mouths. HIM looked a bit surprised.

"Why do you wanna know, huh? You never wanted to know before!" Brick yelled, shaking his hand at the clawed villain across the table. "It's got something to do with that...THING you've been working on all day, doesn't it!"

"No, no it doesn't, nope, not all." He waved a claw and barricaded the door he came out of with dozens of locks and chains.

"LIAR!" The Rowdyruff Boys flew with great speed towards the door.

"NO! NO! Don't go in there!"

Smashing through the door with ease, Brick started to command his brothers to find exactly what HIM was working on. Butch started ripping up papers for no reason, while Brick was mindlessly throwing around random boxes and tables.


It wasn't until they heard Boomer's high pitched scream that they have found IT. IT made Butch fall over. IT made Brick nauseous.

IT was a girl. A Powerpuff Girl. Well, not really, it was all white, its eyes were closed, no hair, and it didn't look complete at all. At least she wore a pure white dress, or the boys would've been even more grossed out.

"Well, it seems the cat's out of the bag, hm?" HIM said as he walked over to his creation.

"What the heck is WRONG WITH YOU!" Boomer yelled. "Are you TRYING to make a new enemy for us?"

"NO, INSOLENT BOY-" He stopped himself, and tried to calm down more. "I merely have concluded that little boys such as yourself should have a female present in your life. So I made this little-" He grimaced at the lifeless doll. "...Girl. Sides, nothing wrong with a new Powerpuff, right? Especially if I make sure it's evil enough."

"No, there's everything wrong with it!" Butch, know revived, flew over and kicked the creation to the ground. "We don't need another one! Three is enough of them, and three is enough of us! And evil or not, this is a piece of garbage that'll never work!"

HIM's rage was obvious. Red hot flames surrounded all around him, and his voice grew deep. "You dare try to convince me, that one of my brilliant plans are wrong?"

Not being fazed by the pure evil, the trio shrugged. "Yeah, pretty much."

"WELL...okay then."

To their surprise, HIM just walked on over to the white body, covered in some dirt from the ground, picked it up, and passed it to Brick. "You do what you want with it, I don't care anymore. Besides, a girl couldn't do much evil anyway, it's too sweet hearted."

Sticking his tongue out, the red Rowdyruff tossed it in the nearby trash can.

"Let the roaches at the dump have her."

No sooner had Brick near whispered those words, did Bubbles added her final touch of blue to her flowery drawing. She was drawing at their bedroom's table while Blossom read and Buttercup...well, just floated around in a bored state.

The light hearted  girl stretched herself across the table, and sighed comfortably. Sunday nights were nice. It showed that tomorrow would be the start of a new week (Much to students like Buttercup's distaste) and a clean fresh state of mind.

Blossom closed her book loudly, breaking Bubbles out of her peace state of mind. "Buttercup, it's 6:30."

The green puff looked down at her sister. "Good for you, you can tell time. What about 6:30?"

"It's your turn to take out the trash. It is Sunday after all, and Bubbles did it last week so-"

"Alright, I get it already!" she snapped as she floated out of the room. "I'll get the stinkin' trash, don't bug me about it..." Ten minutes later, she flung a very messy bag at their curb.

Rapid button pushing could be heard a while later at HIM's home, as the boys played video games in the living "room".

"JUMP THERE! Honestly, you gotta twirl kick jump here or the Nananna's we eat you alive! Just give me the control-"

"No way dude! It's my file, use your own!"

As both Brick and Boomer squabbled over the Nintendo 64 controller, Butch sat on the couch, watching the video game hero be beaten and savagely mauled by the Nanannas. As the words "Game over" filled in screen, he stepped into to the thrawl.

"Hey, c'mon, dudes quit it! The game finished already! GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER!" Butch started screaming and throwing some punches at his brothers, who were busy biting each other's arms. All the fighting ended instantly once they knocked over the TV off the island, into the unidentified abyss.

An awkward silence filled the chamber.

"Sniff, um..." Brick looked around the place, no sign of HIM anywhere. " guys wanna get the heck outta here before we get yelled at for busting the TV again?"

Boomer nodded silently, and Butch was already flying towards the portal out of the living hell and into Townsville. Before he could escape however, his blond brother pulled him back.

"Wait a minute, dude. It's Sunday."

"Yeah, so what?" Butch grunted, pulling away.

Brick floated over, anger on his face. "Yeah, it's Sunday night." The blue Rowdyruff flew away to others islands quickly.


As he yelled, Boomer floated back with a garbage bag filled to the brim. "Garbage day."

Butch just snatched it angrily, and tossed it to a nearby portal.

The next day, in the Townsville Dump, one of the most horrible places in all of Townsville, the garbage men tossed the last few bags of trash they gathered from citizens.

"You think that's everything?"

"I'm positive, Frank. One of these bags hit me at the back of my head! Like it came from the sky or something! Not to mention, it was very heavy..."

Sounds of rustling were heard from a short distance, causing the conversation to seize. The garbage men saw glimpses of green moving from beyond the garbage heaps. They knew what group of Townsvillains lived here. And they knew exactly how angry they were after they got out of juvie...

The smartest thing to do was just run as heck. After all, messing with the Gangreen Gang at night when the Powerpuff Girls weren't around, was just asking for trouble.

The green teenage quintent was moving slowly towards their shack in the middle of all the trash, annoyed at how long they spent in cells...again. Ace, their leader, was of course, leading the group through the trash to their shack, with a slithering Snake at his side, hissing ever so lightly. Behind them was a slobbering Grubber, and a loud Big Billy, with Lil' Arturo on his shoulder.

"So, bosss," Snake asked quietly. "Were youss okay in your cellss? I noticed thatss the guardsss visited youss a lot."

"Huh? Oh, yeah, it was nothing." Ace replied quickly. "Just a couple of cell mate fights is all..."

"You won all of them, si?" The smallest of the group was now clinging to his friends shirt as he spoke, so he wouldn't fall at such a far distance from the ground.

"Yeah, of course, what do you take me for? They didn't know what hit them! Why just yesterday I-" Ace froze, causing his followers to knock into each other. "...Hey, Snake? Do you hear something?"

The second in command raised an eyebrow and listened closely to their surroundings. If he messed up this question, he knew a fist would soon hit his face. To his pleasure, he did eventually hear something, and a sinister smile crept on his face. "The sssound of a garbage truck leavingss."

Ace removed Snake's brown hat and ruffled his greasy black hair rather roughly. "You got that right. It's Monday, boys. And even you lot have the brains to know what that means."

The group, not to mention most of the garbage, shook as their largest member bounced up and down in glee. "OH! OH! It's Garbage Hunt time, right, Ace?"

"DING! Prize for the big one."

Taking this as a command, Grubber flung an old banana peel at Big Billy, which landed on his head.

"Hahaha! It's a hat." Arturo giggled in his high pitched laugh, and fiddled with the piece of garbage, while the others smiled. Some more than others, but a small smile did appear on the Gangreen boy's faces.

"Alright, boys," their leader said as he pushed his sunglasses up his face. "You know the rules; 10 minutes in your garbage heap, and only in your heap-" He glared at Lil' Arturo, who giggled more nervous than before. "Then, the guy with the best thing wins-...I don't know, the good blanket for the night?" The group nodded in agreement at the prize; the nights were starting to get chillier, and there was only one blanket without any holes and could fit over any member (Including Big Billy).

"Are we ready?"



"Uh huh!"


"Good, cause I'm already in my pile, you morons!"

Gasping briefly, the rest of the gang dived and cannonballed into the horrid trash, in hopes of finding "One man's treasure". To the teens misfortune, there wasn't much this week to come by. It was mostly food leftovers, worn out clothes, and scratchy old CDs. The basic items really, considering how the Town often threw many things away (Even though some of them were decent).

Ten minutes passed, and the gang rounded up back up to their starting point. Ace seemed pretty proud with busted guitar he dug up. "Needs touching up, but I bet I could get some sound out of it, eventually." he said. The others didn't seem so happy with their items.

"Oh, I knew I shoulda grabbed the ole calender! Stupido!" The smallest member tossed the messy paint set he recovered to the ground, gritting his teeth in frustration.

Snake was beating himself with a thick book he found, only to have Ace stop him by punching even harder in the arm. Dropping said book and rubbing his arm, the second in command watched as Big Billy was playing with yet another plush toy, before piecing together something. "Heyss, where'sss Grubber, nowss?" he hissed.

Ace raised an eyebrow and scanned the area. The game ended, and even he knew that. Right? Then again, this was Grubber. " guys wait here, I'll get 'im. And don't you dare try to switch with anything while I'm gone Arturo!"

"ONE TIME! JUST ONCE! Will you leave me be already, amigo?"

Jumping over several piles, their leader shouted back, "NO WAY IN HECK!" before looking around for the weirdest member. Sliding down several slopes, and kicking the odd rat away, he still couldn't even hear Grubber's usual raspberries. It was then that he called the rest of the gang to help search, and before long, Snake heard a voice calling for help.

A british voice.

"Heyss Ace! I think he'sss somewhere over in territoryss D!" he yelled, fidgeting with his wristbands a bit. He knew that their friend only spoke when his back and was fully in shape, which was very painful for him to do, so something must've happened. Needless to say, the Gangreen gang all rushed over to said area.

Upon arrival, they did indeed see Grubber fully stretched out, attempting to pull a large truck away from something. Their arrival didn't go unnoticed, as he turned to them. "Good fellows, could you please lend me hand here?"

"Grubber, what I tell ya about speaking fancy to us?" Ace growled, arms crossed. "And why are you all the way out here, you're way off track, fella!"

"Well pardon me, I was trying to do my part of the game! I found a right nice treasure but it stumbled down under this vehicle-" It was then that he actually to make some noises of pain, which made most of the others cringe a bit. "Now please assist me, this is quite painful you know!"

"Fine, ya wuss. Big Billy, mind giving him a hand?"

"Duh, sure thing boss!" The largest member merely gave the truck a shove, and it came toppling down. Grubber fell backwards from exhaustion, as Lil' Arturo and Snake aided him in cracking his back to his relaxed posture. Once back in shape, he blew his tongue like normal.

Rolling his eyes, Ace stepped over to the dusty garbage from under the truck. Like their piles now, there wasn't many things out of the ordinary from a regular trash bin (Except for a difference of a year or two). It wasn't until his eyes met something in the middle that made him shriek a bit.

The sudden scream caused Snake to jump and clutch to the nearest thing, which in this case was an old lamp. It was a bad habit of him. He wished he didn't do that when he was startled, seeing as most of the time he clung to people. "Geez bosss, what wasss that forss-WHAT THE HECKSS ISSS THAT THINGSS!"

Walking over over calmly, Grubber picked up the shocking item and showed it to others in pride and delight. No one said a word as the stared at the small, white thing. That was, until Billy spoke up.

"It's a Powerpuff Girl dollie! Ha ha ha!"

Silence filled the dump's shack as the Gangreen Gang stood around, what they named earlier, "The Powerpuff Fail". No one dared say anything, after all what could they say? It was very dirty, but it was still just a blank base, with no features that made it even remotely similar to the cutesy trio of Townsville they all knew.

But at the same time, they were glad about that.

Everyone's thoughts were different on the matter, but like fore mentioned, they dared not say them out loud. Grubber and Billy were off in their own little worlds, but they did occasionally poke and prod the little thing, as Lil' Arturo inspected it for any sort of spying devices. While Snake...Snake was just staring at Ace; his eyes pleading for their leader to come up with something. After all, they could tell this wasn't just a little dollie. This was special.

Finally, Ace stood up and spoke. "Alright boys, what do y'all have to say about-" He twitched as he looked at the Powerpuff Fail. " know, THAT."

"Wellss, can we really tellss that it'sss even worth our timess? It could jussst be some sssort of collectorss item." Their skinnest member shrugged. "After allss, there'ss plenty out theress."

Arturo held onto to an arm of the base. "I don't think so, amigo. She does have skin coma us-" He paused. "...'cept white. And I feel some sort of pulse there-"

"Ick, ssso now we havess a dying Powerpuff among usss? Much usse that isss."

The little one stood up and glared at his hissing ally. "Hey, you don't knows that for sure, so don't go jumping to conclusions, el serpento."

"Jussst be quietss! You don't knowss anything more than we doss about thisss thing, ssso you better quit actingss like a momss!"

"Like you can talk!"

"SHUT UP YOU TWO!" Ace yelled before Snake started a fist fight with Arturo. "This isn't helping us in any way shape or form. Can someone just please think of what to do, before I use this thing as a bat on all of your faces!"

After yet another break of silence, everyone started to sweat a little. Snake was kinda right, this was alive...SORTA. And it could actually be dying, and death was for sure something that a group of teenagers wouldn't want to deal with. Especially if it was a little girl.

Gulping, Arturo kept looking at the Powerpuff Fail, trying to find something (Anything) to identify its problem, as everyone else was either frantically trying to think, or hyperventilating. During his freak out, Grubber tripped over something. A large book. He picked it up and shoved it to his leader's face.

"H-hey, get that away from me!" he yelled, pushing the large book away so he could have a better look at it. After actually seeing it, his eyes widened behind his sunglasses. "...where did you get this?" The distorted Gangreen pointed to Snake.

He shrugged. "It wasss just sssomething I foundss. That ssstupid Professsor was on it, ssso I thoughtss it be fun to messs with." They never did like the Powerpuff's dad, so finding anyway of humiliating him was one of their many past times. And what better way to do that than doodling in his own Autobiography? Needless to say, the second in command received a punch to the side of his face.

"You idiot," Ace growled. "Didn't you look through this thing?" He pushed the book into Snake's face very similar to the way Grubber had done. "How The Powerpuff Girls Were Made! We could use this to help this thing out!"

Lil' Arturo raised an eyebrow. "You actually want to help something, boss?"

"I want this thing off our backs, if that's what you mean. Once it's kicking, we kick it out of here like we do with all trespassers."

"Duh, why would we do that?" The gang looked at their largest meber. "Well, I donno know, if it is really a Powerpuff Girl, wouldn't it have the super powers too?"

"More reason to get rid of it."

Big Billy shook his head. "No, that's not what I meant. Duh, I can't really 'xplain it..." Snake's eyes widened.

"Heyss, I think I knowss what you meanss!" He turned to the others. "The girlss were bassically raised to be goodss, and even Mojo wentss sso far as to make the Rowdyruff Boysss, why can't we jusst raise thiss to work for usss?" He tried to make an awkward smile as he waited for some sort of a response from his friends. With out warning, the heavy book went flying at his face, hitting his nose with a large amount of force.

"Start reading up, Snake. We've got us a Gang member to make."

Oh no, a Gangreen Puff wandering Townsville? That can't be good. But with the Powerpuff's around we have nothing to fear...right? Oh golly, I hope so. Anyhow.

Meanwhile, at the Utonium house, the girls start preparing for bed. Bubbles was putting away all of her coloring books she used through the day, while at the same time keeping an eye out for her beloved stuff toy, Octi. After finding said stuffed octopus hidden sneakily under some laundry by Buttercup no doubt (Bubbles swore that her sisters were out to get Octi, even if they did claim innocent), the bright blue puff snuggled under her blankets clinging onto him tightly.

Blossom at this time was brushing her hair with great precession, not wanting to deal with the same bed head that got her sisters every morning. No sir, her hair was to stay perfect as it always has been before, she once said. After finishing said task, she also rested in bed beside her sister before glancing at Buttercup, who was looking out the window.

The raven haired girl was looking aimlessly at her surroundings, remembering all the rough and tough fights that occurred on those streets just in front of her. She even used her super vision to scan the farther areas and remembered those battles too. Every punch, every kick and every scream. Oh, how she loved being a crime fighter. Then her eyes glimpsed upon the park. That park. She shut her eyes tightly.

There was just some memories that were best not to be remembered.

With that last thought in mind, she turned and joined her sisters, and once the Professor had said goodnight drifted off into a deep sleep, unaware of the schemes and plans being concocted by the very people Buttercup desperately tried to forget.

With that being said, the Gangreen Gang at this time were trying their best to better understand to concept of making a Powerpuff Girl.

"Sugar, spice, and everything nice." Ace repeated for the third time. "...just what the heck does that have anything to do with a superhero and their powers?"

"I don't thinkss it has to do with the sssuperhero part of a Powerpuffss. It ssseems more directed atss the actual girl." Snake hissed, repeatedly reading the autobiography over and over.

Billy scratched his red hair. "But uhh, shouldn't there be, ya know something else to it?"

"Yeah!" Lil' Arturo pipped up, still sitting beside The Powerpuff Fail. "There's gotta be something else there, amigo, otherwise it would just be a big bowl of random, girly stuff." The small boy stood up at the realization of something. Girly stuff. "H-heys boss...this thing is almost complete r-right?"

The gang's leader raised an eyebrow. "Yes, I'm pretty sure we already covered that, idiot."

"T-then wouldn't that mean that this thing is just a sweet little senorita waiting for life?"

The four other members looked at each other, then groaned. It was the one thing that escaped their minds; the fact that their "Hero" would be their first female member. The other gangs in town would never live it down...

Hours ran by, and midnight was slowly approaching Townsville. The five teens were still awake, and still trying to figuring their puzzle out.

Lil' Arturo was curled up in a ball next to the Powerpuff Fail, eyes twitching every now and again from their seemingly impossible goal. He glanced to the others, who weren't doing very well either. Everyone was chanting the rhyme over and over, just hoping something will click into their teenage minds.

Ace was banging his head against the wall of their shack. "Sugar." BANG! "Spice" BANG! "Everything nice." BANG! "Everything peachy keen for a normal Powerpuff Girl!" BANG, BANG, BANG!

Just before the other gang members tried to get their leader from becoming permently damaged, the small phone in the corner of the shack began ringing.

Rubbing his sore forehead, Ace went and picked it, only to hear very load shrieks and yells coming from the other end. Arturo rolled his eyes. Even from this distance, he could hear Princess' voice loud and clear, especially when she ranting on and on to Ace about yet another thing he "borrowed" and didn't give back.

"WHERE'S MY STUFF YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING CREEP?! If it wasn't for my nanny, I would've never realized that a 'innocent green citizen' came and took, not only a good load of cash, BUT ALSO MY COLLECTION OF SPRAY PAINTS! TELL ME, HOW CAN I BE A POWERPUFF GIRL WITHOUT THEM?!"

"Look, Miss, I got Morebucks than you do," he said, rubbing his temples. "What else do you except people like us to use for graffetti refills?" He paused. "And what da heck would that do to make your a Pow- Hey wait." His eyes widened as he turned to look at the still lifeless doll. "...Princess."


"What are Powerpuff Girls made of?" She inhaled. "BESIDES, 'Sugar, Spice and everything nice.'"  

Needless to say, Princess sure did come in handy for once. The gang now knew what they needed for this creation to know, created. A simple, but dangerous ingredient, created by none other than the Professor himself.

Chemical X.

"D'uh, are we really doing what I think we're doing, Ace?"

"Shuddup ya goon! You'll wake the whole house up!"

With such an ingredient so close to being in their possession, Ace and Big Billy went over to the Utonium household in search for the chemical. Snake was reluctant for them to do so, not wanting the two to be caught and leave the rest of them behind while they went to jail, but with the current task at hand, and the Powerpuff Fail looking more and more dead, he had to let them go.

It wasn't like it was the first time they'd rob the Professor's lab before, oh no, they crashed it plenty of times, even getting mixed up with some mind reading potion once, but this was different. They weren't just smashing it up for no reason other than amusement, this time they were searching for something. Something that they had no clue what it resembled to, or where to find it.

Ace grimaced as he shoved countless vials in a quiet fashion. This was defiantly getting him no where. Not even focusing on the bottles anymore, he leaned against a wall and slid to the ground putting his face into his palms.

"If Mojo dealt with this," he thought. "He would've easily been able to make some sort of invention to get the Chemical X, or just destroy the thing all together. Fuzzy would've trashed everything up, but still manage to get away with his anger and strength." For a second, he shuddered. "And I wouldn't want to know what HIM would've done."

Ace glanced up at Billy who was reading some books that were upside down. Not like he could tell. The leader could already imagine what the rest of the gang would be doing if they were here too; Arturo would be trying to reach places he knows he damn well can't get to, Grubber would be messing things up, not even caring about the noise, and Snake. He'd probably just be at Ace's side wondering what was up with his somewhat best friend.

"Out of all the big shot bad guys in Townsville, that stupid thing had to wind up with the Gangreen Gang; some of the world's worst gang members." He didn't like beating himself up, but negative thoughts like that were constantly being thrown at him and his friends, and had somewhat corrupted him. Things such as 'They'll never amount to anything'.

But, what could runaway teenagers do to prove their worth to others?

Without a word, Ace got up, and started walking towards the back exit. Billy followed, and left behind the book with the title "How I did It" by the Professor.


Back at the Gangreen Gang's hideout, otherwise known as their old shack at the dump, the three remaining teens sat in an awkward circle around the Powerpuff Fail, having small, awkward conversations here and there. It wasn't like they hated each other or anything, they just didn't really interact much with one another. They were either partnered up with their closer friends, or just together in a big group, things like this didn't happen often.

During their discussions about what they would do if Ace and Billy actually did get Chemical X, and this girl was brought to life, Snake picked up something from listening to Arturo. He sounded just like a little child wondering about their soon to be baby brother or sister. The small teen was talking about how he would help her out with being so minuscule compared to the others, and what kind of name they could give her. Grubber suggested something among the lines of Ivy, while Snake suggested Artura jokingly. Lil' Arturo gave him a pounding, which didn't do much damage to the second in command.

Moments and events such as these didn't normally happen to their Gang, but sometimes they wished it could happen more. Compared to the other villains, they knew they didn't stand out as much in terms of power. They stood out more in size actually, but that was mostly Big Billy's doing, thus making them feel, well, poorly of themselves.

Hopefully this girl can change that, they all thought in their minds. Hopefully this little girl could be our small ray of hope.

They all instantly shut up when the door was suddenly kicked open, and a very irritated Ace came in. He moved towards where they were sitting, and growled slightly, causing the others to slide back a bit. Their leader could certainly intimidate them well enough.

Snake was the bravest one to speak. "S-ssso, Ace...did youss manage to get itss?" He felt like his heart skipped a beat when Ace looked right at him, his eyes as cold as ever. The serpent scrambled backwards, letting out a whimper as sign of apology and forgiveness.

If it had been any other day, Ace would have given his friend such a pounding, but he let it slide for now. He reached down and picked up the Powerpuff Fail, examining it for a second. It felt so much like a child... a dead child mind you. He threw it on his shoulder and turned to leave once more.

"We can't deal with this thing anymore. It's time we got rid of it once and for all."

The color in everyone's faces paled. 'Get rid of it'? They were actually going to...he was actually considering... Everybody looked at one another in disbelief before clumsily running out of the shack to follow Ace.

"A-Ace!" Arturo cried. "You can't being doing what I think your doing!"

"I'm more than capable of getting rid of this nuisance. There's NOTHING we can do about this, Arturo! I WILL destroy it!"

Grubber blew a raspberry that the gang members could translate to; "But it's only a little girl!"

Their leader stopped for a brief second, before continuing to his destination. "I don't care, why should I care? I'm a villain and so are you lot." Behind his sunglasses, his eyes were sad. Not like anyone could see them. "...besides, this thing is dead anyway. I'm doing the right thing by doing this."

He approached the area he was looking for, the others right behind him. It was a large pond full of toxic chemicals that was bubbly, smelly and neon green. No one knew the exact chemicals that made this pond; it was there before their time, but it was certainly easy to tell that it wasn't safe. Anything that dared to fall in it was never seen again, the garbage around it was mutated and twisted. And just by living near it for so long, made the five teenage boys' skin green.

If there was any positive way to get rid of evidence, this would be it.

Ace took another look at the Powerpuff Fail in his arms. The small creation that could be living a life if it wasn't for his incompetence. "It's the best solution." he thought. "If it- if she can't live, then she should have a funeral." He knew damn well that she could live if she was given to the Professor or someone similar, but she was obviously doomed to be different, doomed to be teased for things she had no hand in doing.

Lil' Arturo pushed past his comrades and tugged on his leader's pant leg. "Wait. Please?" Ace looked down. "B-before we say a finally goodbye to the senorita, can we...can I do something to make her spirit know that she was wanted with us?" The small mexican's eyes were large and watery. Snake couldn't bear to look at him, knowing full well why.

It didn't take long for Ace to see this sadness and rested the Powerpuff Fail onto the dirt ground. Then, Arturo did something no one saw coming. He pulled out a strand of Ace's hair while he was down, resulting in a yelp, then ran over to a pile of garbage, grabbing only a near empty bottle of lemon juice with a tangled cobweb on it. He then ran over to his confused friends and asked Snake to bend over. He complied, only to have strands of his hair pulled out as well, resulting in another yelp.

"Artuross, what the heckss are you doingss?" the serpent demanded as the gang member in question ran back to the girl.

Before them, they watched a truly creepy event. Arturo opened the Powerpuff Fail's mouth and put in the hairs, a dead spider and a few drops of the rancid lemon juice inside. Grubber gagged at the sight, before questioning his comrade's actions.

"I just added some thing to the senorita when she's one the, you know, other side." he stated, acted calm like something like this was normal. "The lemon juice should give her a sweet but sour personality, which is sure to keep her on top of the crowd. Which is also where your hair comes in; she'll have the DNA of a brave leader and his faithful follower." He smirked as the two in question looked down in embarrassment. "And I'm not really sure what the spider could do. I guess give her a creepy vibe?"

Lifting up the girl once more, Ace nodded. "Well done Arturo, you've done well for your deceased team mate." The mexican's face dimmed slightly, as he watched his leader walk towards the goo, and gently drop the Powerpuff Fail in the pond. "Um, I know we couldn't do much for ya, but, well, just know that wherever you are right now, you were always wanted here, but I guess it's too late and, um...bye." He couldn't say anything right, this was just odd. One minute he was excited for the possibility of having a hero, the next he wanted her out of his hands. Ace turned to walk away signaling the others to follow, as they all looked down at the ground in shame.

What they didn't know, and couldn't see was that bubbles began emerging from the chemical goo. For underneath the toxic waste, something was living. Or beginning to live, to say the least. If it wasn't for a quick look back from Arturo, they might've never seen what had been born.


The others jerked back, too take a look. Big Billy started running back with the others following, while Arturo watched in disbelief, and some fear, as something began to move in the goo. They hid behind a large pile a trash, in case something dangerous were to happen.

Creeping slowly out of the pond was a small creature covered with the strange chemicals. Groans and grunts came from this monster, causing the Gangreen Gang to shrink back and consider retreat. They would have at least, if the creature wasn't constantly pushing away the green mess off of it's body. With puddles of the chemical goo surrouding it, the creature revealed it's true form.

The Powerpuff Fail. Alive and breathing.

A small gasp escaped Ace's lips at the sight. Snake and Grubber couldn't stop staring at the now moving little girl. Arturo climbed up on the dumbfounded Billy's shoulder to get a better view.

Before them stood a little girl around the same age as the Powerpuff Girls, with a neon green dress; presumably the one she wore before, now stained. Her hair was long, greasy looking, and black, curled up at the ends with purple bangs at the front. Underneath her large eyes were small black underlines, and her lips were black as well. They couldn't tell if it was makeup or natural. As the girl finally rubbed away the remaining goo from her face, they saw that her eyes were an odd shade of blue green. Dark, but not so dark.

Distinguishing her from the young female heros was a trait that could not be ignored, or overlooked. Perfectly green skin.

The gang was astounded. They had done it. Maybe not intentionally, but there she was, their own little "hero". While they were filled with amazement and glee, it was the complete opposite for the girl. She had just been born after all.

"H-hello?" she said weakly, her voice seemingly sweet. "I-is anyone out there? Hello...?" She looked at her surroundings. Dark, gloomy, and dangerous.

What was she to do? Why was she born to such a place? And alone? What was she to be doing? All these questions flooded her head, as her breathing got heavier, and her eyes watering. The first emotion she had ever felt was fear. Fear of being left alone like this.

Completely blind to her immense fear at the moment, Ace ran out from behind the trash, took a good look at her, and swept her up into a hug. Her fear disappeared instantly, as a warm fuzzy feeling replaced it. Then another thing clicked into her mind.

"Who they heck are you?! Get off of me!" Regaining her posture, she pushed herself out of his arms, crossing her own. "I don't suppose you have any idea where my creator may be, huh punk?"

"D'ah ha ha! Arturo did pretty good with those extra ingredients there, huh, Snake?"

"Ssshut up!"


"NO, ssshe's not like mess at all!"

Blinking her eyes, she turned to see the rest of the gang moving over to her direction as well. So many people...

"S-so, um," she gulped, feeling surrounded. "H-has a-any of your seen a scientist or something around? You know, I kinda want to see my family and all...and you lot don't entirely look like the sciency type, ya know?"

They all burst out in laughter, much to her confusion. Snake had to cling to his leader in order to stand up straight, or what was straight from him anyway. The little girl found herself becoming more and more fascinated with these teenagers. Despite meeting them for only a few minutes, they had a charm of some sorts, that made her feel like she was home. Of course, this was her home, she just didn't realize it yet.

Lil' Arturo walked up to her, wiping a tear from his eye. "Si, senorita. We may not look it, but we actually are your creators." He giggled as her jaw dropped in disbelief. "You've just met your new family. Welcome to the Gangreen Gang, new amigo."

"The Gangreen Gang?" She liked the sound of it. "Hm, I'm guessing because of the skin?"

Grubber nodded with a smile, and licked the side of her face with approval. Thinking it was a welcoming thing, she licked his cheek back, showing her forked green tongue.

"It may take some getting used to missy, but you'll find out that you won't find anyone cooler than us." Ace smirked at that. To her, they were the best people out there. Of course, she hadn't met anyone else, but he let that slip his mind for now. He patted her head. "And you'll defiantly have to get used to your leader. No messing around, and follow everything I tell ya, alright twerp?"

She stood up straight. "Got it, um....uh..." She kicked a rock away. "Could I maybe get some names please?"
"Of course senorita, allow me, your big brother Arturo, to introduce you to our family." He scoffed at the idea of them being a family. Though it could be fun. "Well, you've already are acquainted to your uncle, Grubber here. The big lug is your cousin Billy, he'll always be there to help you up. Literally. And there's-" Arturo held back a laugh. "Your daddy, Ace and your mommy, Snake!"

The others all laughed tremendously, while the little girl stood they in amazement of her "parents". The duo was twitching, blushing madly and all the rest as they kept looking at one another in disbelief. PARENTS? They could barely keep a conversation for very long without punching someone in the face.

"So, mommy, daddy, what's my name?" she asked simply, not noticing the panic. "I know you had one in mind when you made me. Every good family does."

Worlds crashed down around the five teens. Her darn NAME. Ace called the gang into a huddle.

"Alright, names are forever. Can't change them until your way older, and have to suffer with them until then." Their leader glanced at Snake. "So, any ideas, Sanford, dear?"

Snake blushed slightly. "Ssstop that. Wellss, actually, we had a few namess in mind, but we didn't really think it over, and they weren't all that great."

Translated in Grubber speak, he said "I thought Ivy was pretty good."

"Sssorry, but I really don't like that namess."

"If you go with Artura, I'll never forgive you!" Arturo pipped up.

"Alright, alright, this is getting us no where. We need a name that actually suits her, so what do we know about her right now?" They all turned to look at the creation, who was staring awkwardly at them.

"Duhh...she's pretty quiet." Billy started.

"But not shy." Arturo continued. "She speaks differently from others. It has more, I don't know, venom."

"Weird wayss to put itss."

"Shut up, Snake."

"Hey wait, didn't she have a forked tongue like yours?"

"Yesss, what about itss, Ace?"
The gang leader smirked. "I've got it."

Dispersing the huddle, Ace walked over to the creation, now smiling a bit more. She tilted her head a bit, curiously, as the rest of the gang surrounded her in a semi circle. Pushing his glasses upwards, he told her plain and simple.

"Viper, welcome to the Gangreen Gang."

Her smile couldn't have been brighter.
To be continued on Fanfiction.Net
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More here:

Alright! So, this is basically a fanfic, that's in progress, that gives more detail on my PPG OC, Viper.

Viper is no way a Mary Sue, and doesn't end up with a canon love interest like a Mary Sue would. Her interactions with others may seem romantic to some, but that's their opinions; they have the right to support what they want to support :D

More will be put when I type it, but as a warning now, this is no where near done, there's waaay more to come XD

Also, I probably will throw in some of the following without knowing I have, because I support the pairing;

Ace/Snake, Bubbles/HIM, Blossom/Mojo, Buttercup/Ace. These are just a few that my mind might accidently add, so be prepared for it just in case C:

I do not own The Powerpuff Girls, or any of their characters, I only own Viper :3
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